Architecture has become incredibly complex and requires a myriad of specialists to be effective and credible. Within this context it is increasingly hard to maintain intimacy in design and a poetic relationship between the work and the public.

Our design studio excels in close-knit, integrated teamwork with satellite specialists to deliver creative, intimate, hands-on design informed by the knowledge of a vast array of experts.

We work in a variety of scales and project types ranging from meticulously detailed residences to infrastructure master plans – always committed to the preservation of historic buildings as the critical threads that make our cities resonant and coherent. Our work stretches form local community buildings like the Church of Our Saviour in San Gabriel to international projects such as the Karsiyaka Vertical Commercial Center in Izmir, Turkey.

Each project is a new and unique exploration. We believe that design informed by thoughtful research acquires resonant identity and lasting meaning that will inspire others.