• Good Neighbors

    Good Neighbors

    Sweetzer Maisonettes - 10 Condominiums

    10 new residences bring the individualist spirit of the single family home to urban living.

  • Downtown Revival

    Downtown Revival

    Biscuit Company Lofts - 180,000 SF of Live/Work Lofts

    The conversion of the historic NABISCO Cracker Factory brings new life to the southeast edge of Downtown L.A. while linking the bourgeoning arts community firmly in the city's history.

  • Building Community

    Building Community

    218,500 SF Housing, Retail, Community Services + Park

    This visionary project sets out to redefine Sherman Oaks' predominantly industrial northern edge. Taking advantage of direct connections to transportation, service, and public infrastructures, the mixed use proposal aims to spearhead a neighborhood redevelopment geared towards people, not cars.

  • Sunny Outlook

    Sunny Outlook

    Bixel Lofts - 80 Units of Lofts + Housing

    Generous outdoor space diffuses density and creates a distinctly Southern California feel for 80 varied style units in this housing development.

  • Culver City Development

    Culver City Development

    Retail + Offices + 120 units of Housing

    A protected, intimate campus creates a safe haven that connects the multifaceted programs of the namesake nonprofit organization.

  • Curve Appeal

    Curve Appeal

    Solomon Loft - Interior Buildout

    One graceful move turns an industrial loft into a surprisingly sensuous living space.

  • Shape Shifter

    Shape Shifter

    Design Lofts, Downtown Los Angeles - 2,000 SF Installation

    A case study on the ambiguity of space explores the flexibility of the open plan.

  • Blank Canvas

    Blank Canvas

    Brooks Street Lofts 11&15 - 3,000 SF Loft Units

    Pure, minimalist compositions of volume and light give free reign to the artists in these Venice lofts.