• Family Circle

    Family Circle

    Chapala Drive - 5,200 SF New Residence

    Blending into a traditional neighborhood, this family home reveals a surprising twist on the inside.

  • Sculptural Sanctuary

    Sculptural Sanctuary

    Lago Vista - 855 SF Residential Addition

    A new guesthouse artfully balances between blending and contrasting with the surrounding landscape.

  • Center Stage

    Center Stage

    Lillian Way - 1,200 SF Residential Renovation

    A few central moves bring light and serenity to the interior of this remodeled Spanish Style Bungalow.

  • Treetop Retreat

    Treetop Retreat

    Malibu Meadows - Master Suite and Porch Addition

    Perched among the treetops, this addition extends a master suite into the surrounding landscape.

  • LA Story

    LA Story

    Mulholland Drive - 8,000 SF Hillside House

    A new modernist home continues the legacy of a site rich with quintessential L.A. building history.

  • Stirred, not Shaken

    Stirred, not Shaken

    Mulholland Drive - Entertainment Pavilion and Pool Deck

    Brought back to us by a new owner, the outdoor spaces of a previous project receive a screen worthy makeover.

  • Hillside Restoration

    Hillside Restoration

    Marlay Drive - Hillside Home

    Turning crisis into opportunity, the rehabilitation of a landslide site integrates hillside repair with a new home.

  • Sensuous Spaces

    Sensuous Spaces

    Small Spaces, Sensuous Materials and Light

    Our contemporary and minimalist spaces are always balanced with tactile and inviting materials and forms. We believe that any human habitat needs both organized volumes to welcome and calm the mind and appealing, friendly materials to attract the senses and the soul.