• 8787 Venice Blvd

    8787 Venice Blvd

    148,000-square-foot development featuring 69,176 square feet of offices and ground floor retail, as well as 73 one-bedroom apartments

    In collaboration with: AC Martin - Executive Architects Duane Border Design - Landscape Architects Francis Krahe & Associates - Lighting Design Selbert Perkins - Design Signage & Wayfinding

  • Rondstadt Multi-Modal Center

    Rondstadt Multi-Modal Center

    Rondstadt Transit Center - 70,000 SF Transit Center & Mixed Use

    The Rondstadt Transit Center Joint Development marries Tucson's rich heritage with a vision of Tucson's future.

  • Reviving Connections

    Reviving Connections

    Plaza Centro Tucson - Public Infrastructure + Centro Garage

    The multi-facetted revitalization of public infrastructure around the 4th Street Underpass breathes new life into Tucson's historic core.

  • Culver Crossing

    Culver Crossing

    Culver Crossing - 150,000 SF Warehouse Renovation

    Renovating old shells for new uses and transforming the block in Culver City’s dynamic transit district.

  • Urban Synergy

    Urban Synergy

    8550 Santa Monica Blvd - 60,000 SF Mixed Use Building

    Inviting circulation spaces and public areas along a dynamic sidewalk edge revitalize an uncharacteristically underdeveloped stretch of Santa Monica Boulevard in this mixed-use development.

  • Sidewalk Scene

    Sidewalk Scene

    8600 Santa Monica Blvd - 70,000 SF Commercial Center

    A recessed secondary sidewalk menaders in an out of the retail and restaurant spaces and adds benches and planters to create lively streetscape that invited pedestrians to linger and explore.

  • Rerouting History

    Rerouting History

    Tucson- Urban Design and Masterplan

    Our involvement in the Plaza Centro Master Plan saved the city $ 6M and enabled the capture and re-programming of 60,000 SF of urban land for a public-private partnership development that redefined the area adjacent to Tucson's historic district.

  • Redefining Off-Campus

    Redefining Off-Campus

    Cadence Tucson - Mixed Use Transit Oriented Development

    As urban design consultants for the private portion of the Plaza Centro Development, we guided the weaving of new student housing, offices and retail spaces into the existing streetscape to create a vibrant, urban fabric.

  • Building Community

    Building Community

    218,500 SF Housing, Retail, Community Services + Park

    This visionary project sets out to redefine Sherman Oaks' predominantly industrial northern edge. Taking advantage of direct connections to transportation, service, and public infrastructures, the mixed use proposal aims to spearhead a neighborhood redevelopment geared towards people, not cars.

  • Behind the Veil

    Behind the Veil

    Beverly Hills Retail - 14,400 SF. 3 Story Mixed Use Building

    A glowing core behind a diaphanous, layered façade is designed to invite curiosity from customers and pedestrians alike

  • High-End Retail

    High-End Retail

    Karsiyaka Community Center - 63,000 SF Commercial Building

    Marrying a compact footprint with dense, varied programming creates the unique shape of this iconic retail center in Izmir, Turkey.

  • Park and Ride

    Park and Ride

    Culver City Transit Park - 100,000 SF Public Park, Mixed Use Commercial + Housing

    The transformation of downtown Culver City's north end from no-man's-land to transportation node demands holistic planning that addresses all components of urban life.

  • Urban Village

    Urban Village

    Culver City TOD - 120,000 SF Commercial Center, Housing + Parking

    A diverse range of residential units, neighborhood serving retail and workplaces and welcoming public open spaces on multiple levels create an interactive, living urban environment in this formerly industrial part of town.