• Downtown Revival

    Downtown Revival

    Biscuit Lofts - 180,000 SF, 7 Story Historic Building

    The conversion of the historic NABISCO Cracker Factory brings new life to the southeast edge of Downtown L.A. while linking the bourgeoning arts community firmly to the city's history.

  • Space, Remastered

    Space, Remastered

    Harris & Ruble - 6,000 SF of Offices, Gallery and Studio

    Freeing this historic building from decades worth of haphazard interior alterations revealed a space of sublime clarity.

  • Natural Flow

    Natural Flow

    Cerritos Bath House - 4,000 SF Interior Reconfiguration

    One of our guiding principles is to use natural solutions first.
    In this bathhouse, stripping away equipment systems that didn't work filled the space with daylight and natural airflow for a truly restorative experience.

  • Artists’ Stronghold

    Artists’ Stronghold

    Armory Center of the Arts - 22,000 SF Addition and Renovation

    Our most rewarding projects are the ones where we can make a meaningful impact on society - like increasing space and exposure for the work of the young artists at the Armory Center for the Arts.

  • Historic Haven

    Historic Haven

    Church Loft - Complete Renovation/Interior Remodel

    At it's best, living in a historic space is a relationship between equal partners that creates a constant, respectful and sensitive dialogue between inhabitant and building.

  • Between Now and Then

    Between Now and Then

    507 Wilshire - Historical Preservation + Mixed Use Addition

    We are committed to the preservation of historic buildings as the critical thread that makes our cities resonant and coherent. A sensitivity to established design aesthetics and preservation as a principle of sustainability are cornerstones in all our urban projects.